10 Maintenance And Cleaning Tips For Solar Panels

By GeorgeKyle    7 / Feb / 2019    In Category Home Business


Solar panels are a big and profitable investment. In order to cash on this investment, it is necessary that the panels are properly taken care of. In order to make them last longer and to bring more profits proper cleaning and maintenance is required at regular intervals. In this article 10 tip for taking care of solar panels are given.

In order to reap the fruit of your investment, it is important that you go through all of these in order. One thing to make sure of is that the solar panels are installed by a professional solar installation company in Roseville CA. If solar panels are not properly installed, cleaning will yield no results.

Let’s start with the tips for maintenance.

Maintenance Tips

Following are the most important maintenance tips.

1. Out Of Shades

Make sure to keep the panels out of the shade. They are meant to absorb sunlight, let them do their job at all time.

2. Inverter Flashing Green

Make a habit to check the inverter light and make sure it is always flashing green otherwise you are using regular electricity instead of what is provided by solar panels.
3. Document Performance

Keep a proper record of the daily performance of panels. You will be able to track of the production. If you see a dip you will know something is wrong.

4. Get A Monitoring System

Installing a monitoring system will enable you to measure how much you are saving and how much you are benefiting the environment by using panels. 

5. Get A Wall Mounted Display

With a wall mounted display you will be able to track the changes in your system in real time in the comfort of your home.

6. Get An Automated Cleaner

Getting an automated cleaner will help you keep your panels clean at all times while increasing their efficiency and lifespan. 

Cleaning Tips

Following are some of the cleaning tips that must be employed to keep the panels and at full strength.

7. Use A Cleaning Kit

Getting a cleaning kit is extremely effective. The items that come with a solar panels cleaning kit are specific to cleaning just that. They have a biodegradable soap and some specific brushes to clean the surface without damaging it in any way.

8. Clean When Moist

Always clean the panels when they are moist so you can get rid of dirt that is stuck with the panel. If you find that you don`t have enough space to get in between the panels for cleaning than the work has not been done by an experienced solar installation company in Roseville CA.

9. Abrasive Sponge

Never use an abrasive soap or sponge. If you use such items you risk scratching the surface. Scratches will result in lower performance and a decrease in lifespan.

10. Take Benefit Of Cleaning Often

If you have been cleaning often then you can take advantage of your effort by simply running the panels with water using a hose from time to time and skip the whole cleaning process with the cleaning it.