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Enhance cheek bone appearance by cheek augmentation surgery

By Theestheticclinic    30 / May / 2017    In Category Healthcare

Cheekbones greatly impact the appearance. Exquisite cheekbones actually define and hold the shape of the face together. Many factors contribute to the appearance of an individual, and the cheekbones hold primacy because of the area of the face they command. To put it succinctly, cheekbones lend great impact to the contours of

Learn about the surgical treatment for Orbital Tumor

By Theestheticclinic    30 / May / 2017    In Category Healthcare


Proptosis, a condition where the eyeballs become large in size requires immediate attention for a cure. The problem, if left untreated could lead to an eventual loss of complete vision in the eyes. Therefore, it is important that the condition be treated by an expert through appropriate surgery. Stemming from thyroid related p

Get expert treatment for your skin problems-consult best dermatologist in Mumbai

By Theestheticclinic    30 / May / 2017    In Category Healthcare

Flawless skin has always been the subject of great interest to individuals. Many are endowed with it, others acquire it, however, the fact remains that everyone desires to have flawless skin. The pace of life, aggravated pollution levels and lifestyle have made the process a lot more difficult, both in maintaining good skin or

The Advanced Guide to Cosmetic Surgery in India

By Theestheticclinic    30 / May / 2017    In Category Healthcare

Cosmetic surgery in India has progressed to unimaginable levels, changing the destiny of many individuals with minimally invasive procedures. Many in the glamour world owe it to cosmetic surgery in Mumbai for their enhanced appearance. However, it is most important to choose the right surgeon to obtain the best results. A poor

Naturopathic Clinics, Naturopath & Nutritionist Victoria BC

By 3wayslinkexchange    29 / May / 2017    In Category Healthcare


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Things You Should Know About The Eyebrow Embroidery

By Owenthomson9    29 / May / 2017    In Category Healthcare


The eyes are perhaps the most beautiful parts of a human face. They act as a mirror to the soul and display what inside the heart and mind of a person. Most importantly, it is the eyes which attract a person at the first glance and captures ones attention. As such, highlighting the beauty of the eyes is very important.

Natural Prostatitis Remedies

By Herbalprostateclinic    27 / May / 2017    In Category Healthcare


Searching for natural remedies for prostatitis? This is because not all the methods you discover are 100% effective as there are some that will always prove ineffective in one way or the other. It is even worse whe

Deciding if Weight Loss Surgery is Right for You

By NicholsonClinic    26 / May / 2017    In Category Healthcare

Obesity is a very serious concern for an estimated third of the American population. Linked to life-limiting health concerns, such as diabetes and some forms of cancer, excessive weight poses problems that go well beyond cosmetic. For many people, the best solution for addressing obesity once and for all lies in pursuing baria

Weight Loss Surgery Raises Likelihood of Abdominal Surgery in Pregnancy: Study

By NicholsonClinic    26 / May / 2017    In Category Healthcare

Women who address obesity with weight loss surgery during their childbearing years are more likely to discover the need for abdominal surgery during pregnancy than those who don’t. Those are the findings of a recent study that concluded former bariatric surgical patients were six times more likely to require surgery duri

How dimple creation procedure in Mumbai can be beneficial

By TopSurgeon    26 / May / 2017    In Category Healthcare


A dimple is the icing on the cake of beauty. It highlights and adds zing to the smile. Not being endowed naturally is not a reason to be without a dimple anymore. Surgical procedures exist for the creation of dimples. Dimple cre