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White Label PPC Management: An Insider’s View

By Ppcpapa    13 / Feb / 2019    In Category PPC


White label PPC is a process used by digital marketing agencies through outsourcing the additional service that can`t be administered by themselves. There are multiple processes running in an organization that can`t be managed by a group of people. To this, outsourcing your one of the toughest tasks is the only solution and, l

Principles to Design an Impactful Facebook Ad: Facebook Ad Design Services

By Ppcpapa    17 / Dec / 2018    In Category PPC


Facebook`s algorithm feeds the consumer the content that keeps them engaged. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the ads displayed on the platform get designed to ensure engagement. There are six principles relevant to designing a Facebook ad campaign. These principles are specific to PPC Reseller

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