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Deal With Attention and Performance Activities, Take Pediatric Therapy in Dallas

By Pediaplex    25 / Feb / 2019    In Category Baby and Child



Dallas, a widely spread out metropolitan city, is popular in the US as a culturally-rich commercial hub. With a population of almost 1,341,075 people, this North Texan town has hot summers and mild winters. The area enjoys a vibrant display of wildflowers that light up during spring. Dealey Plaza in the area h

Approach Correct Developmental Stage With Pediatric Therapy in Fort Worth

By Pediaplex    20 / Feb / 2019    In Category Healthcare



With a population of about 8.74 lakh, Fort Worth is a scenically beautiful and fast growing city in North Central Texas, USA. Have you heard about the Cowboy trading post? That’s Fort Worth for the historians, raw, rustic and mesmerizing. The city is famous for its Fort Worth Stockyards that is an essent

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