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4 Top Reasons to Wear Salon Quality Hair Extensions

By OpulenceHair    15 / Mar / 2019    In Category Shopping

If you are you considering buying hair extensions ensure that you invest in quality hair extensions in order not to regret the decision at later date. To help make you that decision a little research on internet will go a long way. It is a fact that hair extensions are great for adding volume and length however did you know th

Human Hair Extensions - Women’s Shortcut to Glam

By OpulenceHair    15 / Feb / 2019    In Category Fashion

Human hair extension is one of the best creations of mankind. It enhances your overall appearance by adding volume to your hair and gives a boost to your confidence. Because of factors like age, stress, pollution, and illness, women lose hair and suffer from hair thinning.

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    Get The Celebrity Looks With Hair Extensions Accessories

    By OpulenceHair    8 / Feb / 2019    In Category Shopping

    Craving sleek, long, and volumized hair?  It may be time to try some hair extensions. Hair extensions give a semi-permanent alternative to wigs because they attach to the wearer`s existing hair, instead of sitting atop of it.


    Accessories are the supplementary things that enhance your existing be

    Hair Extension Kit - A Hot New Trend

    By OpulenceHair    29 / Jan / 2019    In Category Fashion


    What do you see after you look in the mirror?  Do you see beautiful hairs framed by thick, smooth long hairs?  Or is the reality sparse short and thin hairs?

    These days, a hot new trend has emerged with musicians, movie stars, as well as celebrity socialites being photographed with brightly colored feathers