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Plan Your Royal Dream Wedding

By Onelastfrog    7 / Dec / 2017    In Category Business

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique, elegant and memorable yet fun. But how can you achieve that? There are some aspects of your wedding that are critical to the success of your day; and once these items are delineated, you can concentrate on the more organizational aspects. Such three items are the venue, the food and t

Why Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

By Onelastfrog    2 / Dec / 2017    In Category Business

You have been to lots of weddings and even were a bridesmaid at your sister`s wedding. You have seen all the details they have engaged in. Now it is your day. So, is it important to have a wedding planner? The simple answer is, yes. There are so many details in most weddings that it is overwhelming for people to deal with. You

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner?

By Onelastfrog    11 / Nov / 2017    In Category Business

The day you have dreamed of is coming. Perhaps you envisioned this day since you were a young child, or maybe you never thought about it.Either way, you will need to have a plan and a budget to make your wedding happen. It may seem like fun at first to taste testing different menu options, cakes, choose flowers and font styles

Five Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner

By Onelastfrog    7 / Nov / 2017    In Category Business

The day has come, you have fallen in love, and it was quick, easy, didn’t even realize it had happened. Just one day you were in love. So happy and relaxed, no stress, everything in life should be this enjoyable.

A professional wedding planner can make the start of your marriage just that easy and joyful.

Birthday Party Planning Tips and Hints to Insure Party Planning Ease!

By Onelastfrog    12 / Oct / 2017    In Category Business

Party planning can be stressful because clients always want their events to be perfect. Well, birthday party planning is even more stressful because clients are even more particular about how they want these parties. Birthday party planning can be a wild but beautiful beast if you can pull it off. Here are some tips about how

5 Secrets That All Smart Corporate Event Planners Know

By Onelastfrog    9 / Oct / 2017    In Category Business

Event planners work hard to throw the greatest events they can. Yet, this is often done for smaller events where there’s not a lot at stake. Corporate events are generally large and complex events that need to be planned carefully and correctly. You’d be surprised at just how quickly an in experienced event can fal

Tips on How to Hire a Wedding Planner

By Onelastfrog    6 / Oct / 2017    In Category Business

Weddings are a crazy, stressful, beautiful thing we all imagine in our own ways. The pressure of putting it all together is experienced even by the most controlling people. Yet, despite that urge, it’s also so much easier to hire a wedding planner instead. Wedding planners push to make an arduous process into an effortle

Choosing the Right Wedding Planning Company for your Big Day

By Onelastfrog    10 / Sep / 2017    In Category Wedding and Marriage

Who doesn’t dream of a perfect wedding? But it takes a lot of effort and strenuous planning to make a wedding perfect. From wedding attire to invitation cards, from menu to gifts, everything needs a detailed planning. It becomes a stressful job for the bride and the bridegroom. To ease your wedding planning woes, there a

Corporate Event Planners: Helping Business Plan and Execute Successful Events

By Onelastfrog    8 / Sep / 2017    In Category Wedding and Marriage

Planning a corporate event is a big task that involves a lot of planning and interactions with people. Every minute detail regarding the event needs to be taken care of with utmost care. The whole process of corporate event planning requires a dedicated team ready to put in their day and night. Corporate event planners can mak