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What to Look for When Buying Duck Decoys

By Michhar1    12 / Jan / 2018    In Category Shopping

Once summer hits, fall isn`t to far around the corner and some hunters start looking through all their waterfowl  gear to make sure everything is looking good and checking to see if anything needs to be replaced. After looking you see your decoys are not looking so good any more and thinking about getting some new ones. H

Tips for Elk Hunting

By Michhar1    31 / Jul / 2017    In Category Sports

Elk hunting is every hunters dream to be able to go out and shoot a monster bull. Some hunters have the luck of doing it every year but for the ones that have that one life time chance to go elk hunting, here are a few tips that will help you on your hunt, even if you are going to be using a guide at least you will have the he

4 Simple Fishing Tips for Beginners

By Michhar1    18 / Jul / 2017    In Category Sports

Summer is in the air and we all know what that means, fishing is in the air. Some people think you just need a pole, line and bait and you are good to go. But that`s not the case all the time. Here are a few tips to help you catch that monster fish or your limit on pan fish.

The first tip in simple fishing is making

4 Tips For Hunting in A Ground Blind

By Michhar1    15 / Mar / 2017    In Category Sports

Depending on the time of the year turkey hunting or deer hunting could be just around the corner. We all know what that means, it is time to get our ground blinds together and out. Here are some tips for hunting from you ground blind.

First, making sure you choose the right location. Trying to find a natural structur

6 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Tree Stand

By Michhar1    7 / Mar / 2017    In Category Sports

It`s that time of the year again to get out and start looking for a spot to put your tree stand or just to move it since maybe last year the spot it is in now just didn`t perform like you would have liked. To have better luck here are a couple of tips as to were you should place your tree stand.

1. You are going to w

Choosing a Good Pair of Hunting Bibs

By Michhar1    20 / Feb / 2017    In Category Shopping

One thing that is common and obvious is having the right outerwear for your hunting experience and performance. Founding the right gear that helps you remain silent, dry and concealed, so you can be successful in your hunt. When looking at hunting gear, you need to choose the hunting clothing according to the weather condition

Different Types of Hunting Hats and Head Gear

By Michhar1    17 / Jan / 2017    In Category Shopping

As more and more people are hitting the outdoors, whether it is for hunting or hiking and any other outdoor adventures. You always want to make sure you have the right hat or head gear for the job. For beginners, you could stand at the store staring at hats for hours since your not sure which one is right for the job. This art

Tips on How to Train Your New Hunting Buddy

By Michhar1    4 / Jan / 2017    In Category Pets

Finding a good hunting dog is an important key when it comes to hunting. Some people will take their puppies to a training place, were they will do the training for you for a price. But most people can not afford to take their puppies to get trained. Here is a couple of tips on training your puppy at home.


What You Should Look For When Picking Out Hunting Gloves

By Michhar1    3 / Jan / 2017    In Category Shopping

People are hitting the outdoors more and more now a days, whether the weather is hot or cold or wet and dry. Rather you are in the outdoors for hunting or fishing, having a good pair of gloves is always important. When you are out hunting gloves help keep your hands from freezing off and keeping them hidden from the animals.&n

What To Look For When Buying A Good Hunting Coat Or Jacket

By Michhar1    3 / Jan / 2017    In Category Shopping

More and more people are turning to the great outdoors, such as hunting and fishing. Finding hunting coats or jackets is important and not just for keeping you warm and dry but from keeping hidden from the animals. Here are five important features to look for in a good hunting coat or jacket.

There are many features