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Digital Accessibility For Digital Content For Disabled People

By Marythomas    19 / Jul / 2018    In Category Business

Digital accessibility, the advanced way to adopt for better transformation, is all about enabling all people that include all those with disabilities to access electronic resources that include web page, software, mobile devices, e-readers and communications along with web accessibility that will benefit to people with changin

Online Digital Publishing and Digital Accessibility – Essential Now

By Marythomas    15 / Jun / 2018    In Category Business


Transforming your traditional method of publication into digital one has become need of the hour. You need to focus on accessible software or digital accessibility or search for the best digital publishing tools that can work for you and provide you a way to be smarter. You can get software for online digital publishing that b

Accessible Digital Publications with WCAG Accessibility Checker

By Marythomas    10 / May / 2018    In Category Technology

Impressive, informative, user-friendly and accessible digital publications have become the most vital need of companies and everyone who want to create a remarkable impression in the digital world. You can create accessible digital publications in minutes by combining accessibility with Text-to-Speech Technology to give your c

Online Digital Publishing – Vital for Stay Competitive

By Marythomas    2 / Apr / 2018    In Category Computer Software


Gone are the days, when a media house or publication was just dependent on traditional way of publication to become a reputed name. Earlier, traditional publication demanded full day and night working and getting anything later in the markets. Now, trends have changed completely and users or target audience expects to have eve

Text To Speech and Digital Content Publication A New Era in Education

By Marythomas    15 / Mar / 2018    In Category Computer Software


Can blind students study in normal classrooms with other students? Earlier this was far from possible as they could not read normal textbooks and blackboards and required special books and training. However, with the advent of text to speech technology and electronic college textbooks, it might get possible in the near future.

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