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You Expect From The Best Security Guard Services in India

By Kellysancheznz    10 / Dec / 2018    In Category Home and Family

Security guard services have become quite popular due to the increased level of crimes in current days. Not just for offices, even some of the people appoint such security guard services for their houses too. But how will you know about the best security guard services in India? There are some of the important qualities that y

How to Offer New Systems at Your Workplace Within Budget

By Kellysancheznz    7 / Dec / 2018    In Category Technology

Computers, laptops, and similar gadgets have become a necessity in today`s world. Not only it is an important element at your workplace, but also it is of great use in your household. But electronic items are meant to get destroyed due to several reasons. Also, every few months, new versions come up and hence updating your sys

When iPhone Repairs Darwin Services Can Help

By Kellysancheznz    6 / Dec / 2018    In Category Technology

There are so many people who instantly turn towards the stores to buy a new phone when the old phone has got damaged. But is it always correct to act in the same way Phone options such as the iPhone come up at quite an expensive cost and hence getting them replaced with a new one every now and then is simply a waste of money.

Tall Aussie Bowlers Have Advantage But Indian Batsmen Ready For Challenge

By Kellysancheznz    20 / Nov / 2018    In Category Sports

Australia`s towering pacers are at an advantage against the "not that tall" Indian batsmen, says visiting vice-captain Rohit Sharma but insisted that his team is ready to rewrite the script of the battle this time.

India start the tour with the T20 Internationals from November 21 here and Rohit said it would a tough

Tough Time for Owners as Pets Feel Pollution Heat

By Kellysancheznz    14 / Nov / 2018    In Category Blogs

Days after Diwali, pet owners across the city faced hard time consulting veterinarians for the deteriorating condition of their pets. With rising pollution levels, several cases were recorded in animal hospitals in Delhi. This year, while many pets showed symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, there were others who neede

The Story of India is Promising One Naidu

By Kellysancheznz    12 / Nov / 2018    In Category Writing and Speaking

The story of India is a promising one at a time when the rest of the world is experiencing a slowdown, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has said as he asked the Indian diaspora to make use of the opportunities for investment and innovation in India.

Naidu, who is here to attend the centenary year of the end of the Wor

Modi Must Be Ready for Adverse Publicity

By Kellysancheznz    8 / Nov / 2018    In Category Writing and Speaking

There will always be different versions of the story behind the Rs 700-crore aid that was reportedly offered to Kerala for its post-flood relief and reconstruction by the Government of the United Arab Emirates. The story, which began with a social media communication from Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, took an interes

Indigenous Edifice For New Education

By Kellysancheznz    1 / Nov / 2018    In Category Writing and Speaking

As we pass through an era that is witnessing weakening of sincere, committed and selfless pursuit of new knowledge, a course correction is needed. Who else can guide us better in this endeavour than Swami Vivekananda?

The current state of Indian education system is a cause of concern on various fronts. It is very cle

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