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Zydus Hospitals in India

By Healthgeek87    12 / Sep / 2018    In Category Healthcare


Every patient across the globe seeks the best and cheapest options for medical treatments and India plays the significant role to facilitate them. India is counted among the world`s best hub for top multi-specialty and super specialty hospitals. Zydus Hospitals, Anand - Book Appointment

  • Zydus Hospitals, Ahmedabad- Doctor List
  • Zydus Hospitals, Anand - Doctor List
  • Zydus Hospitals, Ahmedabad- Book Appointment
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    Virinchi Hospital in Hyderabad

    By Healthgeek87    22 / Aug / 2018    In Category Health and Fitness


    Virinchi healing facility in Telangana, Hyderabad is one of the greatest cases of "back to front" approach in India. Each major and minor social insurance necessity of the patient is organized. It is a 25-year

    What is the usage of Breast Pump?

    By Healthgeek87    15 / Sep / 2017    In Category Healthcare


    A breast pump is a mechanical device which is used to extract milk from the breasts of a lactating mother. They come in either a manual form or can be powered by hand or foot movements. Contrary to the popular belief, it does not suck the milk out of the breasts, but it simply triggers the milk ejection response. With the help

    Could Your Foot Pain be Caused by a Problem in Your Spine?

    By Healthgeek87    14 / Sep / 2017    In Category Health and Fitness


    We have all experienced pain in our foot, under most circumstances, this pain is caused due to some complication with the foot itself, but in some situations, the pain might be caused due to some condition in the spine. It is very rare that a pinched nerve in the spine would lead to isolated pain in the foot. Usually, a foot p

    5 Healing Vitamins and Minerals Post Hysterectomy

    By Healthgeek87    12 / Sep / 2017    In Category Healthcare


    A hysterectomy can at times become essential and unavoidable. It is conducted due to several causes that affect the normal functional life of women; it is the removal of the ovary. Like any surgery, after a hysterectomy, a woman can go through a rough recovery patch. There are vitamins and minerals that are es

    Pregnancy Complication to Hernia Patients

    By Healthgeek87    12 / Sep / 2017    In Category Healthcare


    A hernia is a medical condition in which the internal organ of the patient protrudes through an opening in the muscle. It usually occurs in the abdomen and the groin region. There are a large number of women who suffer from hernia but don’t go through any complications with their pregnancy. If yo

    12 Things You Don’t Know About Prostate Cancer

    By Healthgeek87    22 / Jun / 2017    In Category Health and Fitness


    However, there are 12 basic, elementary facts that you need keep in mind whenever you want to start to research and read up on the disease. These may help you to better understand the complexities and enable you to get a better perspective on the issues relating to it and its treatment. These facts have been listed bel