FUE Treatments: Chronology of a hair transplant results

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When a patient goes through a FUE transplant, individual follicles units are extracted from a specific region of your own body and they are grafted to a bald-affected area. While the solution sounds very simple, the results are not immediate. A lot of patients don’t know what to expect after a hair trans

Dealing with hair loss: FUE Hair Transplants Cost

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Today we want to talk a little about a procedure used to overcome early hair loss. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair grafting technique that has revolutionized the capillary surgery industry. As the name proposes the FUE consist on the extraction of follicular units from one part of your body to b

The Hair Transplant Turkey Is Providing New Life To People

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There can be a number of reasons for a person’s hair loss. The reason could be anything– a disease, stress, thinning scalp or reaction to some medicine. Some men experience a level of hair loss till the age of 50 and it is considered normal. There are some people who experience hair fall prematurely. The hair trans

Now Body Hair Transplant Can Give You The Beard You Always Desired

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If you are a balding men or hair on some part of your body, especially face have started decreasing prematurely, then body hair transplant is the only solution to get proper hair again.The procedure starts when your doctor starts the examination of affected area and then find a proper solution of your problem.

Hair transplant Consultation for a hair transplant

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Arm yourself with the right knowledge

As with any other surgery, before making the decision about getting a hair transplant, it is absolutely essential that you try your best to get to know about the procedure as much as you can. These days, the internet is the first go to the source of research for

Knowing what hair transplant results to expect from surgery

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Skewed expectations

These days, with more and more awareness, an increasing number of patients suffering from hair loss surgeries are opting for hair transplant surgery. No doubt that many are motivated by before and after photos posted by many hair transplant clinics showing wonderful results. Howev

Opening up the possibility of body hair transplant by FUE technique

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Distinct advantages of newer technique

Hair transplantation has come a long way over the years, and today the awareness of the public about the operation is much more than a few decades ago. The demand for hair transplants is growing, and also the hair transplant process itself has advanced over the

Leading FUE Clinic for hair transplant Istanbul

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Loss of hair used to be one of those things against which one would be helpless. But modern medicine and surgical techniques have enabled us today to effectively combat baldness. One of the most effective ways is hair transplantation.

Overview of hair transplantation

Hair transplantation in

Hair transplant repair using bodygraft

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The new technique of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) allows for much more possibilities and flexibilities in hair transplant procedures. It is much more efficient than the traditional FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) technique, and allows procedures which were not possible under FUT.

Repairing previous trans

Looking for Hair Transplant Consultation in Turkey?

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Many patients who are looking for hair transplantation advices are new to the terms used in this industry and thus out of confusion they don’t understand what exactly they are looking for. If you are one such patient, this article is for you to understand what to look for while deciding on a hair transplantation procedur