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4 Tips To Collect When The Debtor Company Is In Scandal

By Collectionsagency    26 / Mar / 2019    In Category Finance


Huge financial scandals make to the headline of the national newspaper in the USA quite often. From being fraudulent to complete bankruptcy, there are many tragedies that can befall on the company you are associated with. So, when you are thinking of getting the money back especially after such a scandal that has already made

3 Legal Tactics Used by the Collectors for Debt Collection

By Collectionsagency    18 / Feb / 2019    In Category Legal


"Are you wondering which tactics the collection agencies use for the recovery of the money? Read the article to know more."

When it comes to debt collection, there are many techniques that the agencies use. When you are thinking of dealing with your unpaid debts, it is necessary for you to get in touch with

Debt Collection Diplomacy in B2B – 3 Ways to Ensure It

By Collectionsagency    4 / Jan / 2019    In Category Legal


Are you wondering how debt collection agencies ensure diplomacy in B2B debt recovery? Read the article to know more.

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3 Crucial Factors That Determines the Collection Agency You Are Hiring Is Right

By Collectionsagency    26 / Nov / 2018    In Category Legal


Are you planning to hire a debt collection agency for your accounts? Read the article to know about the determining factors.

Are you looking at the pile of unpaid invoices on the table and wondering how you will be able to solve the problem? Well, one solution is that you can start callin

3 Killer Strategies for A Better Follow Up Plan for Commercial Collection

By Collectionsagency    24 / Oct / 2018    In Category Legal


"Are you wondering how to plan a better follow up strategy for debt recovery? Read the article to know more."

If you are running a business and already the unpaid invoices are piling up on your table, then you certainly know that you are in trouble. There are definitely people wh

Is It Possible To Collect Debts From Related Companies?

By Collectionsagency    5 / Oct / 2018    In Category Finance


Do you know whether debts can be collected from related companies or not? If no, then keep reading this article.

When it comes to a business, there are several segments which are quite tricky and difficult to deal with. This is the time when we need professionals to t

Top 4 Things to Expect from Your Commercial Debt Collection Agency

By Collectionsagency    28 / Aug / 2018    In Category Legal


Do you know about the things you can expect from a commercial collection agency? If no, then this is the article you have to read.

Did you hire a collection agency before? If yes, then you must be accustomed to the way they work and the time they require to recover an account. But if this