Calcined Alumina Powder Market - Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2018-2026

By Anagha    15 / Nov / 2018    In Category Business

Calcined alumina powder is produced by calcination of alumina. The manufacturing process is carried out at various temperatures, which control hardness and abrasive properties of calcined alumina powder, such as polishing and grinding. At temperature of 1200-1300ºC, calcined alumina is easily converted into pure Aluminum

Greenhouse Produce Market – Size, Share, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2018 – 2025

By Anagha    14 / Nov / 2018    In Category Business

A greenhouse also called as glasshouse is a structure with walls and roof made mainly of transparent material such as glass, which is used for growth of plants under regulated and controlled climatic conditions. Greenhouses enables production of crops at a time of year when they can’t be grown outdoors. Vegetables such a

Distributed Generation Market- Global Industry Insights to 2026

By Anagha    13 / Nov / 2018    In Category Business

Distributed generation is power generation on-site at the point of consumption. Distributed generation benefits the large loads with the reserved additional capacity, provides the sufficient power for the entire loads and sufficient redundancy for the maintenance.  In addition to this, the distributed energy generation of

Reef Aquariums Market - Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2015 – 2026

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Reef aquariums is a marine aquarium that displays live marine invertebrates, corals including hammer coral, candy cane coral, pulse coral and frogspawn coral. It also has various types of fish such as clownfish, tangs, and gobies, which play an important role in maintaining the tropical coral reef environment. A reef aquarium

Hydroponics Market Analysis, Trends and Forecast till 2025

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Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without using soil or soil-less gardening using important nutrients in a mineral rich water solution. A plant only needs sunlight, sufficient amount of water, and selected nutrients to grow. Hydroponics farming allows a plant to grow 50% faster than conventional method. It eliminates

Hybrid Seeds Market Analysis, Share, and Outlook 2018- 2025

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Hybrid seed are developed artificially by crossing two or more plants of different species. Crossing two different varieties result in development of seed that carries one or more desired traits. Hybrid seeds are majorly used in commercial farming to increase crop yields and to develop disease and climate resistant plants. The

Preservatives Market - Industry Trends, Outlook, and Forecast 2018 – 2026

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Preservatives are substances or chemicals added to drugs, food, beverages, paints, cosmetics, and wood, in order to prevent microbial growth and undesirable changes in terms of both, physical and chemical properties. Preservatives are of two kinds, namely natural and synthetic, both of which are used to enhance the quality of

Polyetheramine Market- Global Industry Insights, Trends, and Forecast 2018 - 2026

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Polyetheramine are curing agents comprising of primary amino groups attached to polyethers, based on compounds such as ethylene oxide, propylene oxide or a mixture of both. Polyetheramine is extremely versatile in nature, possessing the ability to increase flexibility, toughness, hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity (depending on

Electric Scooter Market Industry Analysis and Demand 2018 - 2026

By Anagha    30 / Oct / 2018    In Category Automotive

Electric scooters are two or three wheeled electric vehicles that use electricity as its power source. The benefits delivered by electric scooters are fuel efficient, electricity powered vehicles, which are also lightweight, compact, easy to handle, and easy to manoeuvre.

Lack of conventional fuel sources alo

Licorice Extract Market - Size, Share, and Forecast till 2025

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Licorice extracts derived from licorice roots are used as in medicines and is available in powdered or liquid form. The extract is produced by boiling licorice roots (Glycyrrhiza glabra), which is a plant native to the Mediterranean region. Apart from herbal medicines it is used as a sweetener and flavoring agent. The extract